Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 month update in 3 mins :)

I have been away sooo long. Facebook is really sooo convenient and that is where most of my pics and updates go. Its so immediate and I can update from my phone! We have been super busy around here. Eleanor Page Auzenne was born on Jan 8, 2010 after a very dramatic delivery. Her and Parrish are really starting to 'get' eachother and enjoy spending time together. We have also moved into a bigger apartment. Parrish started 'school' in January, going 2 mornings a week and he looooves it. He is their most 'active and physical' toddler the teachers have said, and the only thing close to a complaint is that he gives 'too many hugs' lol. Now that I am back on the blog wagon I hope to keep up with the updates more frequently. Check me out on facebook too.

I am finally updating! lol

100 Wishes for Parrish

  • 1.a handsome look- madeline
  • 2.adventure- nathan
  • 3.all the love in the world- uncle matthew
  • 4.best of health- uncle matthew
  • 5.bravery- mommy
  • 6.charming personality- madeline
  • 7.common sense-jane
  • 8.compassion-jane
  • 9.courage- daddy
  • 10.curiosity-daniel
  • 11. generosity- mommy
  • 12. gentleness- mommy
  • 13. health- mommy
  • 14. humbleness- mommy
  • 15. humor-nathan
  • 16. inner strength- mommy
  • 17. integrity-matt
  • 18. intelligence- daniel
  • 19. long, happy & fulfilling life- uncle matthew
  • 20. many caring people in your life that you can call family & friends- the cowleys
  • 21. no regrets- uncle matthew
  • 22. strength-matt
  • 23. true love- mommy