Friday, July 10, 2009

'dancing' this morning to Smack That lol

Hello Again!

Just wanted to try and get caught up with everything- Parrish had 3 birthday parties when he turned one on May 22, 2009. He had lots of fun and lots of cake :) We found out around then that Parrish is going to be a BIG BROTHER! We are due in January.
He has really been thriving- he is almost running now and has started dancing, loves climbing on and off everything and gives hugs. He loves going swimming too.
Around his birthday we had some assessments we had to go to- one was with the pediatric anesthesiologist (Parrish is involved in a special research study that started with his 1st surgery) and they found that he is Highly Average in his Social, Problem Solving, and Motor Skills and average in everything else. We were soooo happy for him- we had been warned that with the stroke he would probably have delays but the docs were so pleased and surprised to see he had started walking at 11 months and was so happy and active. So, they concluded at this time he has no delays!
The other assessment was with his Stroke doctor- she said that it appears his brain has compensated for the tissue that was damaged with the stroke and that she wants to continue to see him at least once a year just to make sure he is still developing well and hasn't had any 'silent strokes'. He will have an MRI either at the end of the year or beginning of next year to make sure that the damaged area where the stroke happened is healed and there is no left over swelling or trauma.
We have been so blessed that he is doing so well- and I will try to keep up with the posts!

Hello Again

Video of us waking him up on his Birthday lol

his 1st bday!

with his aunts and uncles

100 Wishes for Parrish

  • 1.a handsome look- madeline
  • 2.adventure- nathan
  • 3.all the love in the world- uncle matthew
  • of health- uncle matthew
  • 5.bravery- mommy
  • 6.charming personality- madeline
  • 7.common sense-jane
  • 8.compassion-jane
  • 9.courage- daddy
  • 10.curiosity-daniel
  • 11. generosity- mommy
  • 12. gentleness- mommy
  • 13. health- mommy
  • 14. humbleness- mommy
  • 15. humor-nathan
  • 16. inner strength- mommy
  • 17. integrity-matt
  • 18. intelligence- daniel
  • 19. long, happy & fulfilling life- uncle matthew
  • 20. many caring people in your life that you can call family & friends- the cowleys
  • 21. no regrets- uncle matthew
  • 22. strength-matt
  • 23. true love- mommy