Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three = 1

You started with love.
Two parents whose love made one.
And from that second on
This crazy journey called your life had begun.
As you grew and your heart did not,
We stayed up many nights wondering 'will he ever see the sun'?
But then you came like a fragile treasure
With a grand entrance, hun!
Surgeries were had and statistics measured
But no matter what we were told, we already felt like we'd won.
Long froggy legs and a mess of dark hair
Your spirit made an impression parallel to none.
Then we came home and like a violet in the snow you bloomed
Everyday a blessing of new discovery and fun.
A devlish grin and with a tendency toward mischief
(One of your favorite activities after all is making the cats run)-
How blind were we, what a small thinker was I
To have spent time worrying over what you might have been or done...
For whatever life may throw at you
You are loved immeasurably, if not at least a ton!
The life inside of you...
The fire
The joy
The wonder I see in your smile and in your eyes-
It is familiar...
They are what make the three of us- one.
by Ashley Auzenne

Happy 1st Birthday my little miracle!!!
(in honor of Parrish's upcoming 1st bday on May 22)

100 Wishes for Parrish

  • 1.a handsome look- madeline
  • 2.adventure- nathan
  • 3.all the love in the world- uncle matthew
  • 4.best of health- uncle matthew
  • 5.bravery- mommy
  • 6.charming personality- madeline
  • 7.common sense-jane
  • 8.compassion-jane
  • 9.courage- daddy
  • 10.curiosity-daniel
  • 11. generosity- mommy
  • 12. gentleness- mommy
  • 13. health- mommy
  • 14. humbleness- mommy
  • 15. humor-nathan
  • 16. inner strength- mommy
  • 17. integrity-matt
  • 18. intelligence- daniel
  • 19. long, happy & fulfilling life- uncle matthew
  • 20. many caring people in your life that you can call family & friends- the cowleys
  • 21. no regrets- uncle matthew
  • 22. strength-matt
  • 23. true love- mommy