Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 month update in 3 mins :)

I have been away sooo long. Facebook is really sooo convenient and that is where most of my pics and updates go. Its so immediate and I can update from my phone! We have been super busy around here. Eleanor Page Auzenne was born on Jan 8, 2010 after a very dramatic delivery. Her and Parrish are really starting to 'get' eachother and enjoy spending time together. We have also moved into a bigger apartment. Parrish started 'school' in January, going 2 mornings a week and he looooves it. He is their most 'active and physical' toddler the teachers have said, and the only thing close to a complaint is that he gives 'too many hugs' lol. Now that I am back on the blog wagon I hope to keep up with the updates more frequently. Check me out on facebook too.

I am finally updating! lol

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We've made some changes! Don't want baby-girl-to-be feel left out :)

Hi All!
As you may have noticed, I changed the layout of the blog and the name. With our daughter coming in January, we thought it would be fair to make this a 'family' blog. I will still of course be updating about Parrish here, but be looking for new updates and pics of our latest addition when she gets here!

Friday, August 28, 2009

For Parents on NICU, Trauma May Last - NYTimes.com Source: www.nytimes.com


This article is good (even tho it focuses on premeies alot). Many heart parents believe they had something resembling PTSD. We even talked to the hospital about offering couseling- i had flashbacks & still do. Not just in the NICU but in the afte...r surgery recovery ICU, and even on the recovery floor when they still have to constantly take blood, tests, etc. This article is like a look into 'our' world- those of you who have never had a child in the hospital should read!

“The NICU was very much like a war zone, with the alarms, the noises, and death and sickness,” Ms. Roscoe said. “You don’t know who’s going to die and who will go home healthy.”

The second trauma is seeing their own infant having
traumatic medical procedures and life-threatening events, and also witnessing other infants going through similar experiences,” said the author of the Stanford study, Dr. Richard J. Shaw, an associate professor of child psychiatry at Stanford and the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

“And third, they often are given serial bad news,” he continued. “The bad news keeps coming. It’s different from a car accident or an assault or rape, where you get a single trauma and it’s over and you have to deal with it. [ With a preemie], every time you see your baby the experience comes up again.”

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Would you really want to know? (new poem)

Many people look at me and think they know how I feel,
but I have perfected the art of being seemingly made of steel.
As if I would wear my worry, fears, and anxiety over your future for the world to see-
that even with faith- the statistics, the hard facts are going thru my mind as I bounce you on my knee.
But I don't talk about 'it' a lot, what would people say-
since already they assume that everything is 'fine' because you 'look' okay?
Would they really want to know just how it still sometimes feels new
to see you again, in a hospital bed, crying, being poked or worked on by a crew?
Would they really want to know I feel our life with you is on borrowed time,
like being sentenced without having done any crime.
Would they really want to know that the 'sentence' I speak of is experiencing a beautiful gift
to love, hold, watch grow and explore and at any moment can be taken just as swift.
Would they really want to know how it looked, your first open heart cut-
well I could easily tell them, I see it perfectly when my eyes shut.
Would they really want to know that in my sleep,
I can clearly recall the fear and worry every time your monitors would beep?
Would they really want to know how I still have bouts of insecurity & crying,
that no matter how you 'look' is still the real & legitimate fear of you dying?
What they should know is your story, the good & bad -
And that your broken heart will always be mine-
I promise to make every second count and make the most of all our time....

Friday, July 10, 2009

'dancing' this morning to Smack That lol

Hello Again!

Just wanted to try and get caught up with everything- Parrish had 3 birthday parties when he turned one on May 22, 2009. He had lots of fun and lots of cake :) We found out around then that Parrish is going to be a BIG BROTHER! We are due in January.
He has really been thriving- he is almost running now and has started dancing, loves climbing on and off everything and gives hugs. He loves going swimming too.
Around his birthday we had some assessments we had to go to- one was with the pediatric anesthesiologist (Parrish is involved in a special research study that started with his 1st surgery) and they found that he is Highly Average in his Social, Problem Solving, and Motor Skills and average in everything else. We were soooo happy for him- we had been warned that with the stroke he would probably have delays but the docs were so pleased and surprised to see he had started walking at 11 months and was so happy and active. So, they concluded at this time he has no delays!
The other assessment was with his Stroke doctor- she said that it appears his brain has compensated for the tissue that was damaged with the stroke and that she wants to continue to see him at least once a year just to make sure he is still developing well and hasn't had any 'silent strokes'. He will have an MRI either at the end of the year or beginning of next year to make sure that the damaged area where the stroke happened is healed and there is no left over swelling or trauma.
We have been so blessed that he is doing so well- and I will try to keep up with the posts!

Hello Again

Video of us waking him up on his Birthday lol

his 1st bday!

with his aunts and uncles

Monday, May 4, 2009


We had a great visit last Friday :) His echo went as well as I expected (took 2 doses of sleepy medicine and he STILL woke up during the procedure. But his doc feels that he is doing great and we don't have to go back until August!! Now we can relax and focus on his 1st birthday coming in a few weeks... and my 1st Mother's Day this weekend.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three = 1

You started with love.
Two parents whose love made one.
And from that second on
This crazy journey called your life had begun.
As you grew and your heart did not,
We stayed up many nights wondering 'will he ever see the sun'?
But then you came like a fragile treasure
With a grand entrance, hun!
Surgeries were had and statistics measured
But no matter what we were told, we already felt like we'd won.
Long froggy legs and a mess of dark hair
Your spirit made an impression parallel to none.
Then we came home and like a violet in the snow you bloomed
Everyday a blessing of new discovery and fun.
A devlish grin and with a tendency toward mischief
(One of your favorite activities after all is making the cats run)-
How blind were we, what a small thinker was I
To have spent time worrying over what you might have been or done...
For whatever life may throw at you
You are loved immeasurably, if not at least a ton!
The life inside of you...
The fire
The joy
The wonder I see in your smile and in your eyes-
It is familiar...
They are what make the three of us- one.
by Ashley Auzenne

Happy 1st Birthday my little miracle!!!
(in honor of Parrish's upcoming 1st bday on May 22)

Monday, March 9, 2009

go Parrish go!

wrestle mania lol

funny monkey movie

our cutie-patootie

at our 29th birthday dinner

new pics from first visit to Chuck E. Cheese

uh- why did you let me try the cupcake?!
mom- I really want to try the cupcake

Bob- did you just say what I think you did?

wow Bob- I can drive with no hands!!!

I love books :P

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Story behind the quilt

One Heart = Wish

In celebration of new life, when a baby is born in some parts of China, family and friends donate to the child's mother fabric scraps from old clothing accompanied by a heartfelt wish for the baby, from which a Bai Jia Bei, or "100 Good Wishes Quilt" is then made. It is said that the luck, energy and good wishes from all of the families and friends who contributed fabric surround the child when he is wrapped in the quilt. The quilt is then passed down from generation to generation as an heirloom, forever generating warmth and love.

Of course if we get more- awesome- the cutoff date will be May 1st so I can attach them all before his 1st birthday which is such a miracle and blessing in itself...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

100 Wishes for Parrish

  • 1.a handsome look- madeline
  • 2.adventure- nathan
  • 3.all the love in the world- uncle matthew
  • 4.best of health- uncle matthew
  • 5.bravery- mommy
  • 6.charming personality- madeline
  • 7.common sense-jane
  • 8.compassion-jane
  • 9.courage- daddy
  • 10.curiosity-daniel
  • 11. generosity- mommy
  • 12. gentleness- mommy
  • 13. health- mommy
  • 14. humbleness- mommy
  • 15. humor-nathan
  • 16. inner strength- mommy
  • 17. integrity-matt
  • 18. intelligence- daniel
  • 19. long, happy & fulfilling life- uncle matthew
  • 20. many caring people in your life that you can call family & friends- the cowleys
  • 21. no regrets- uncle matthew
  • 22. strength-matt
  • 23. true love- mommy